The Benefits of Clicker Training

You have to admit that a dog that has not been trained can do all kinds of damage to property, your loved ones and even yourself. This leads to a stressful relationship between your loved ones and your beloved pet.

Much training is available out there but the truth is, there is no single training that is simple and easy. You have to really study and practice it. It takes more than just theory to be able to train your pet. You do need a lot of patience and the strength to put all those theories to practice.

A good example is clicker training. This training is used by trainers of different animals. It has been one of the most common kinds of training for dogs. In this training, trainers use clicks to command a dog. Sounds simple? Not really. In training by clicks, you will have to make your dog realize that with each click, it means that they are doing good. But with the right strategy and the right amount of hard work, the clicker will be the most important thing you do to have a better life with your pet canine.

So just how does this clicker training happen?

The concept of clicking training is actually quite simple. You need to let a dog know when he does an action that is right and approved with the use of a clicker. The clicker makes a short sound that dogs can hear even from longer distances.

Initially, you will have to combine clickers and treats. With this strategy, they will know that they are going to get rewards or even treats each time that they hear a click.

Clicks can be used by itself although it can also be employed by combining it with command words. Clickers apply to all breeds as most dog breeds respond similarly.

And what are the benefits that come with clicker training?

The most important advantage that comes with clicker training is its simplicity. It only takes a minimum of 15 minutes for your dog to learn that clicking is good. It takes an even lesser amount of time to teach your pet the basic commands that you would want him to do with this tool.

The clicker is also a handy device that you could have with you and it does not matter where you go. The clicker is also known to be audible even for large distances.

The clicker, combined with an effective command word, will communicate to your dog what you want them to do exactly. You do not have to worry that your pet does not know what is right and what is wrong. The clicker will do that for you.

Now that you know the benefits of the clicker, it is best that you combine it with extra care and an effective rewards system. You will not have to utilize other methods of training your canine pet which can be quite inhumane and harsh.

Another thing to remember is to regularly exercise your dog by taking daily walks with them. Indeed with the clicker, training your dog has become much easier.