The Basics of Learning to Play the Piano

We live in a world filled with diverse interests and talents. If you are a person that will quite happily sit and listen to piano music then chances are you might like to learn how to play the piano yourself but where do you start?

Maybe you’ve never touched a piano in your life, or maybe you were one of those people that started beginner piano lessons but quickly got bored or frustrated at your slow progress. Either way learning to play the piano is not a distant dream, with just a little help you can quickly learn to play.

There are two distinct ways to play the piano, either by playing the chords or by playing the individual notes. You have the choice as to which of these two methods, if not both, that you would like to use. Playing already written masterpieces will require the ability to play notes from sheet music, whereas writing your own wonders will certainly require some knowledge of chords. An understanding of both notes and chords will serve you very well, however to quickly learn to play the piano it is a good idea to get to grips with chords first to learn how they sound.

One method of learning to play the piano is to find yourself a well qualified piano teacher to give you good lessons. Some teachers will conduct these lessons within a studio setting, while others might invite you to their own home, or come to yours. When receiving lessons from an expert ensure you aren’t feeling too much pressure as this could prevent you from practicing and take enjoyment from the experience. Learning how to play piano for fun probably doesn’t warrant the expense of a one-to-one teacher as there are many less expensive alternatives to enable you to teach yourself to play piano.

If piano lessons with a tutor aren’t for you then you may want to consider the possibility of getting your lessons online. This is a cheaper option and gives you the flexibility to practice where and when you want to, saving you both time and money. Online learning isn’t going to work if you aren’t a motivated person though, you will need to be happy to learn by yourself without someone encouraging you. Some websites offer downloadable piano lesson software to help you to set targets to stick to while still learning at your own pace.

The most important thing when learning to play any instrument is to have fun with it. You don’t want to start a process that won’t excite and enthrall you. Set realistic goals for your piano playing success and start to practice immediately to keep up the momentum. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by any problems that you face; keep going through the frustration and it will be worth it in the long run.

With so many methods available to learn how to play the piano there is something to suit everyone so find what works best for you. Maintain a positive attitude in the hours that you spend practicing and keep in mind the final goal of being able to play any music. Stop wasting your time procrastinating, start the learning process now.